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Green Lady Statue - Gaia Earth Goddess - Feminine Earth Spirit - Earth Mother , Woodland Nature Spirit, Green Woman Sculpture

Mokosh is the Water and Earth Goddess of the Ukraine. She is worshipped in the Slavic countries as the Goddess of Rain and Fertile soil. According to folk belief she shears sheep and spins thread. Her name is derived from the word combination maty kota which means ‘mother of the cat,’ that is, ‘mother of good fortune.’ She is the protector of women as well as occult knowledge and divination. Because it is She who supplies the means for survival, She is also associated with life and…

Voices of the Mothers: A Ritual-in-progress

sacred goddess mask by Lauren Raine especially created for Voices of the Mothers conference, May 11-12, 2012 created by Macha NightMare.