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Aging may bring about risks to the mind and body such as memory loss, but ongoing research has found good reason to feel better about growing older. According to Elkhonon Goldberg, professor of Neurology at New York University School of Medicine, aging does not always lead to loss and deterioration; It seems that neuroplasticity - the ability to develop new neurons - is stimulated in people who keep their minds continually active as they age. By Guest Writer Cynthia Olsen

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compromise is good in relationships, except when its something you cant compromise on. Never forget your own life plans. Never change your goals and plans for someone else. Never give up on the things you want. That is how people grow to resent each other later in life. And that is not what i want.--Words of advice from Ananda to Ananda

People nowadays are in a hurry in all aspects of their life, they are so eager to grow up, to earn money and to live, thus forgetting about the present days. I believe you may convert your hurrying into a delightful and pleasant process, and a kick scoot…

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... when I woke up that was the first thing i could clearly see. A little green sprig was merely saying me to do not give up. Maybe not that much but I figured that i can at least stand up. Thanks to that little fellow. 2014