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My cat is the orange cat with her head turned sideways with the -:}... Funny I posted this on Facebook about a year ago and keeps showing up all over the

That's sooo true!! Suga just looks like a boss that meet an employee. Am i the only one who sees Vs loving glance for the child? :)

"Person: so...are you seeing anybody? Me: I have a cat. Person: cool, but that wasn't the question. Me: yes it was. relationships are for the weak. I have a cat. Person: but... Me: cat."

Bad husband! Bad! Once I was done screaming, I would kill him for two reasons - 1- the costume, 2- for laughing so hard while I screamed. Thank the Lord we only have cats!

"Visited a nursing home years ago and this lady confused me for her granddaughter. The nurse told me her family stopped coming so since then I go 2 times a week to see her as her granddaughter."

Love this because it proves that if you are kind to something it will be kind to you. Everyone always thinks that leopards are dangerous but in this its not, because the man helped it and was kind. I believe nothing will hurt you without a reason.

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