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This looks like something out of someone's imagination. The colors and distinctions between the colors is gorgeous.

Couple by Aubrey Stoll, via - A pair of Mandarin ducks, photographed in Richmond Park, Surrey. While the male may look impossibly elaborate, that is the way they look . . . really!

There are 6 species of Spoonbill birds in 2 genera distributed over much of the world. They're monogamous for one season at a time. All Spoonbills have large, flat, spatulate bills and feed by wading through shallow water, sweeping the partly opened bill from side to side, when any small aquatic creature touches the inside of the bill it is snapped shut. Spoonbills generally prefer fresh water to salt but are found in both environments.

Mandarin duck. Prachtige eendjes, heb er altijd van genoten in mijn vorige leven in onze dierenren. Dienij de Lang.