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Otzi's shoes, the second oldest surviving pair in the world, are made from three different leathers, a net of linden tree twine, and insulated with hay.

Selection of Medieval leather shoes. Archaeological excavations along the waterfront of medieval London have produced large numbers of shoes and other items of leatherwork in an excellent state of perservation, giving a good idea of changing fashions throughout the period. The shoe shown here on the left has openwork designs cut into the leather dates from the early 13th century. The shoe on the foreground with an engraved and scraped pattern of leaves is from the late 14th century. The shoe…

In pictures: Life and death on the Mary Rose

Shoes, a sock and a boot were among the footwear from 415 individuals found. About 500 men died when the ship sank. There was no list of crew names, just a list of numbers, and only the names of the vice admiral, Sir George Carew and the master, Roger Grenville are known.

One sandal, gilded and incised leather and papyrus, Egypt, c30 BCE-300 CE © Victoria and Albert Museum, London #vamShoes