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5 Food Secrets For Healthier, More Youthful Skin

How Your Diet is Affecting Your Skin

Memory loss, dementia, and alzheimers strips away your normal way of living. But it doesn't have to. See how you can prevent these ailments, reverse the effects, and boost your overall brain power in the process

Beauty School: 4 Vitamins That'll Give You Beautiful Skin

Vitamins, oh vitamins: one of the holy-grail wellness prescriptions, right up there next to eight hours of sleep and daily exercise. Sure, we know they're are good for our overall health, but we'd be lying not to admit that we're also really into the...

8 Foods That Might Fix These Common Skin Issues

Your diet might be encouraging (not causing) your skin to behave badly (breakouts, redness, oil, etc.). So for once, we’re going to side with your mother and urge you to explore some healthier foods that happen to also be skin-savers. Check out the top ei

Summer Veggies for Gorgeous Skin

From acne to overall clarity these farmer’s market picks can cure what ails you—and your skin. Click here for more.

8 Foods You Should Be Eating For a Youthful Glow

Foods For Healthy Skin: Repair and Rejuvenate - Foods like oysters, crab, and lean meats are rich in zinc, which makes them great skin soothers with healing properties. Zinc helps reduce oil production and acne and also helps heal wounds.

What to Do in the Winter to Get the Best Summer Skin EVER

Great summer skin is made in the winter time! Find out the steps you should be taking in your fall skincare routine to make flawless by the time summer rolls around.

1 (packed) cup of Spinach 1 (packed) cup of Parsley 1 Apple 5 ribs Celery 1 large English Cucumber 1 Lime with skin #2. Put Juice into your Blender In your Blender add the following: 2 medium sized avocados (peel skin) 1 cup of fresh Coconut Meat (or 2 tbsps. of Coconut oil) Blend EVERYTHING together for 30 seconds to 1 minute.