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The Costume Shoppe

Flashy Dame Edna Pink Glasses - Be fabulous and outrageous in these officially licensed Dame Edna glasses. These are an identical replica of the glasses worn by the famous British comedian. The frames have a cat eye design, which branches into curled extensions from the outer edges of the glasses. Silver dots of glitter run the lengths of the curls and travel down half of the frames. A tiny cursive letter E is mounted on the side of the arms. #yyc #glasses #costume

Lunettes rondes - noire

The Costume Shoppe is located in Calgary, Canada. Shop online through the of available costumes and accessories or visit us at & Blackfoot. Free shipping available within Canada.

Black BUG EYES Costume Glasses Goggles spider fly moth

Space Alien Close Encounter Sunglasses

Space Alien Close Encounter Sunglasses - Prepare for the invasion. These funky glasses are perfect for your next Halloween costume as a Grey alien or just a wild night out on the town.These alien glasses come in both green and silver, and are made out of a sturdy plastic with a glossy finish. The frames have an exaggerated, angular eye shape to resemble a typical “Grey” alien eye. The lenses are dark tinted with a mirrored finish. #alien #glasses #yyc #costume

The Costume Shoppe

Mad Scientist Glasses - Embrace your dark side and check out these mad scientist glasses. An important accessory when you're bringing your latest creation to life. Constructed from colour tinted, transparent plastic, they have circular rims with metal arms attached to the top of the frames. The glasses have an inch long extension from the rims to the hinge. #glasses #yyc #costume

gufetta from

Bottle Lens Nerd Glasses

Bottle Lens Nerd Glasses - Bring out your inner nerd this Halloween and make some lame jokes with these bottle lens glasses. They have a black frame and perfectly circle clear bottle lenses. Pair them with your Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys or a 50s nerd costume. Great for Halloween and all year long.

Radioactive Aviator Adult Costume Goggles Black

If you suspect that danger is near, than you should ensure your own safety by adorning yourself with all the necessary protections. To protect your eyes, there is nothing better than this pair of Black Radioactive Aviator Goggles.

Margarita Party Sunglasses

Margarita Party Sunglasses - Enjoying a siesta and having a drink? These fun Margarita glasses are a great accessory for your next Mexican themed party. The frames of these glasses are shaped to resemble a Margarita drink. Silver glitter is glued around the rim of the glass giving a salt encrusted look, and the outer edges have a circular slice of lime painted on the plastic. The lenses have a green tint, giving the impression of a full glass. #margarita #yyc #costume #glasses #party