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I was starting to feel like a crazy person spending an hour rocking and nursing my baby to sleep. Then the second I laid her down she would wake back up crying. This method really worked for us! She gets herself to sleep now every night with no crying involved! What to do when your baby has to be held, rocked, bounced or nursed to sleep.

DIY Playpen! Here is a creative waay to secure your babies play area! A kids pool that is 3 ringed and then just put abc play matt underneath.

15 Baby Tips You Wish Your Mom Friends Had Told You

Parenting is hard! But some things about it don't have to be. Check out these brilliant baby diy tips, tricks, and ideas that could potentially save time, money, and stress!

28 Things To Try If Your Newborn Won't Sleep

Newborn won't sleep? You're not alone. Try one (or many) of these 28 things to help your baby start sleeping right away.