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A girl in my spanish class dropped her phone. EVERYBODY stopped what they were doing and asked if it was okay. This generation.

I was in the line at the grocery store when a little boy ran up behind me,put is face in my butt.He said "you're softer than my pillow!&you smell like mangos!"he was too adorable for me to be upset!

I'm a cop and on a slow day of work I like to follow people around to scare them. You can tell they are tense just by how they drive

I hate having brown eyes. No girl has ever been like "OMG boys with brown eyes"

Science Classification Funny Coffee or Tea Mug

Coffee or Tea mug - "How to Classify Science: If it moves, it's biology. If it stinks, it's chemistry. If it doesn't work, it's Physics." - for teachers, students

I was too lazy to get up to check the timer for dinner, so I tried to zoom in on it with my phone from the other room. It didn't work.

Some dick asked my Native American friend if her people still lived in teepees. She replied "No, but we still scalp people." Never seen someone run that fast.

I hate when people say "faith in humanity restored". Seriously? You had lost all hope for humanity until you saw that video of a guy hugging his dog?

17 Pictures Hot People Will Never Understand

Not being photogenic: | 17 Pictures Hot People Will Never Understand