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Met this cutie on my fence. They were watching me water my plants! AS: Jumping spiders are very curious its so cute! this is a Male Phidippus Johnsoni! great picture!

Parent Trap --Golden Silk Orb-weaver -- An arachnophobic's nightmare. They grow 2" up to the size of a hand. Golden orb-weavers get their name from the color of silk they use to build their semi-permanent webs. The webs are huge, some reportedly 18' H X 6' W, and strong as kevlar. The species can be found in Australia, Asia, the Americas and Africa, mostly in warm climates. Only bite if provoked, and even then, venom isn’t lethal. (Photographer Christopher Meder) (Macro Photography)

Amazing Preying Mantis Leaf Mimic Real Framed Insect 7904v