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Becoming a bad friend is a very easy habit to slip into. How do you make time for friends in order to contribute more to your "camaraderie account"?

Mothers, let's spend less time focusing on those instances where we think we fall short and more time honoring ourselves and the other amazing moms in our lives.

We ARE our child's 1st teacher – providing lessons in patience, compassion, sharing, confidence, love and friendship. No matter where they go in life, we hope our influence as a parent has been positive ...

A wonderful tribute letter encompassing a mothers' devotion to her children. Post Excerpt: "I am a big fan of football, and baseball, and swimming and soccer. But I am a bigger fan - no wait, let's call me the ultimate fan - of my kids..."

This Mothers' Day, I expect to remember my great value, my great contributions, and to remind myself (at least once) confidently that what I do as a mother – IS GREAT.

A post about dealing with questions as a parent that you aren’t prepared (or able) to answer...

As a mother, do you struggle for career clarity? Have you ever have had to answer the question: “What do you do?” and found the lines between your personal and professional life hazy and unclear?

When was the last time you felt unheard as a mother / wife / friend / employee? {A short but powerful post on understanding the importance of listening}

Life skills every child should learn and great examples of how parents can teach them... (The third in a series of 7 posts exploring the Mind in the Making Curriculum).