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Mr. Gene and I discuss about Ben Affleck as the new Batman for the upcoming Superman/Batman movie, our love for X-Men First Class and catching up on what we've been reading and watching. Be prepared, this is a super long show.

this cat. i love him.

When you say YOLO, here's what I wish for you.

this cat. i love him.

Grumpy cat might be one of my favorite things ever to have graced the internet. A little bit of happiness...grumpy saved my soul at my old job. Seeing her face on my monitor would make me smile when all I wanted to do was scream! thank you grumpy cat!


ET - I don't know what it is, but seeing Elliot, lonely son of a single mother, befriend and having to say goodbye to his alien friend set to a fantastic film score gets to me, along with millions of others.