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The pioneering designers who are shaking up British jewellery design

Alexander Davis DNA Pendant. When a DNA pendant is commissioned, Davis takes a blood sample from the wearer and their DNA sequence is analysed. The combination of gemstones corresponds to a unique part of their DNA.

Six creative ways to teach genetics

Here’s a collection of ideas and resources for teaching everything from genetic mutation to cloning mice, just in time for Jeans for Genes Day

Everything Is Frequency & DNA Is the Ultimate Antenna

Everything Is Frequency & DNA Is the Ultimate Antenna

designed by Patrick Jouin-- if I had stairs like these in my home, I think I'd be afraid to walk down every day!

Doubts over Blarney Stone talked down

Kiss the Blarney Stone! Sounds cool but a bit yucky! How many lips have been on there???

Venus The Chimera Cat ‘Has Two Faces’ (PICTURES, VIDEO)

Another Venus and with some cool characteristics! Venus’s face is half black and half calico and heterochromia has given her one blue eye and one green.