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The City of Bones comes alive on the brand new soundtrack. Ger your first listen to songs from Demi Lovato, Zedd and Colbie Caillat on the official Mortal Instruments tumblr!

One of my favorite things about Clary is that she's not afraid to just hit hit someone when they deserve it...

One of my favorite Jace quotes.. even if it wasn't REALLY him (City of Lost Souls ~ Mortal Instruments) He's so sassy, I love him the more for it hahaha

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15 Inspiring Quotes That Will Make You Want To Travel The World (Part I)

I guess this much is true, really! I am in love with so many people that I've never met and I'm in love with so many who I am yet to know the existance of, it's pretty fascinating how in such a big world we are destined to different places and people-anabel xx