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Detail of Figure from a Fresco Painting Depicting the Archangel Michael by School of Raphael : Custom Wall Decals, Wall Decal Art, and Wall Decal Murals |

Pompeii - Casa dei Dioscuri - Perseus and Andromeda

The Villa of the Mysteries or Villa dei Misteri is a well preserved ruin of a Roman Villa which lies some 400 metres northwest of Pompeii, southern Italy. The Villa is named for the paintings in one room of the residence. This space may have been a triclinium, and is decorated with very fine frescoes. Although the actual subject of the frescoes is hotly debated, the most common interpretation of the images is scenes of the initiation of a woman into a special cult of Dionysus, a mystery

Portrait of an Unknown Gentleman of the Yates Family

“Our Mother Earth.” by Paula Nicho Cumez (Maya, Guatemala)

Madonna and Child, bas relief by Antonio Rossellino

William Merritt Chase (1849–1916) was a brilliant observer, an innovative painter, and a leader in international art circles at the turn of the last century.

Ancient Roman wall fresco from Pompeii, Italy

ART BLOG: Edward John Poynter : Erato the Muse of Poetry

Reliquary Bust of Saint Juliana, ca. 1376 Circle of Giovanni di Bartolo Italian Copper, gilding, gesso, and tempera paint