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IT 420B - CHANGING CLOCK 50×50 cm Design: Leonardo Roverato Tick-tock. With this Changing Clock by, the fact that the seconds, minutes and hours sometimes seem to pass you by in a flash suddenly doesn’t seem so bad! The board sports 12 little magnets with the clock’s numbers that can be placed in any order you wish, adding a playful element to this design. The times they are a changin’.

Minimal design loves semplify, get the essentials. In this clock we have removed the minute hand, not needed. The hours lancet is the time (in numbers) and the minutes (in letters).

Living Moss Clock brings alpine tundra greenery into the home

Dutch design studio noktuku, have designed the Moss Clock. The designer’s description The noktuku moss clock contains the tops of real reindeer moss from Norway which have been meticulously selecte...

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Time Expanding Wall Clock by John Nalevanko (Metal Clock

Time Expanding Wall Clock Metal Clock created by John Nalevanko on Artful Home