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Autism and the Microbiome: Will Fecal Transplants Be the Next “AWAKENINGS?" Part 2 - AGE OF AUTISM

You may not realize this, but at one point you sensed someone's aura; but you may have called it a "feeling" or a "vibe".

We all have many things that nourish our souls...pastimes, hobbies, music, good family, good friends...and on and on...and there are still things that seem to drag us down, that make us wonder when will it end, when I can leave, when can I quit, when can I stop feeling this, doing this...let those things GO...hanging on doesn't prove tenacity it only starves your spirit of what it is hungry for...love and happiness. Thanks to GODDESS CENTRAL for the image

Scientists Prove That DNA Can Be Reprogrammed With Words And Frequencies | Spirit Science and Metaphysics

Learn how to remain calm One of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm. — Catherine Pulsifer

I have for all except one person. I know what I've done. I've owned up to my mistakes, if not to them, then to myself. The reason I haven't let go is because she is the only one who didn't have her own reason to hurt me, maybe that's why it hurt the most

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