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Instead of making something up to sound interesting, figure out the story you want to tell people, then do it.

And maybe the superhero is the cold one of the family and detaches herself despite their accepting attitude. She is just too set in her beliefs to accept them.

Finally!! I have been ranting about stickers on my book covers for so long and now I can try these methods to regain my sanity

Read Music Easily By Combining Bass and Treble Clefs

How to Read Music Easily By Combining Bass and Treble Clefs - this is similar to what I am teaching now, but I use the phrases FACE and GBD and make sure the students understands the F and G clef landmarks as well as 4th leger line down is F and the final line in treble is F. It's amazing how much easier it is to remember than all those acronyms! Space notes use the same phrases, FACE and GBD, you just need to figure out where the start using the line notes.

Women will be more receptive to you if you compliment their abilities and skills more than their appearance

Today Funny Minion pictures with quotes – 30 pics actually I did now this this is just for the people who didn't know

So, regular chocolate makes you fat, but dark chocolate makes your brain work better? No, I figured it out. The main ingredient in dark chocolate is 'speed '.