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Baron Samedi Wall Plaque, pewter finish

Baron Samedi is a Vodou Loa, or sacred spirit who presides over the dead. He is a guardian of the crossroads between life and death, and guides the departed into the underworld. He has power over sexuality, rebirth, and healing, and can offer protection a

Your Monday Motivational Quote

LEARN from yar past, LIVE yar present n LOOK forward to tomorrow .... this is how I CHOOSE to live my life n NO ONE will EVER take that away from me ... cuz they CHOSE to live differently. I LIKE MY LIFE cuz I work for it - it's NOT free :))))))))))

Wellness Wednesday: Why Small Changes Make A HUGE Difference

Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside. Set yourself up for success with affirming inner thoughts and a fabulous outer space! Great #FengShui