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Acrobatic Dance | KaliAndrews Dance Company | Ottawa.

Contemporary Dance | KaliAndrews Dance Company | Ottawa Lyrical and Contemporary dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques. In Lyrical and Contemporary dance, the dancer takes on the role of an actor and tells a story through technique and emotion. Dancers don’t express how they’re feeling with voice, but with facial expressions and body dynamics. This type of dance challenges choreographers and dancers to use motion as an artistic form of expression.

Hip Hop Dance | KaliAndrews Dance Company | Ottawa KaliAndrews Dance Company is quickly emerging as one of the most exciting Hip Hop Dance Schools in the city. Our competitive Hip Hop dancers have risen to the top at both regional and national competitions, winning Top Hip Hop Dance Score at Dancefest 2013 in addition to several other Choreography and Special Awards throughout the season.

Competitive Dance | KaliAndrews Dance Company | Ottawa KaliAndrews Dance Company is home to one of the greatest Competitive Dance Teams in Ottawa! Our team has competed across the region, taking home countless trophies, choreography awards, costume awards and more. Not only does our team love to compete, most importantly they love to dance and they love to have fun!

KaliAndrews Dance Company | Ottawa KaliAndrews Dance Company (KADC) is one of the most unique dance schools in Ottawa, Ontario! We offer a wide variety of traditional dance styles such as Ballet and Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap and Limbering. We also specialize in circus-based dance styles such as Acrobatic Dance, Stunting, Tumbling, Contortion and Aerial Arts.

Stunting | Advanced Acrobatics | KaliAndrews Dance Company | Ottawa Stunting consists of one person acting as a flier and another as a porter. The porter remains in contact with the floor and the flier is balanced in the air. The porter may move between a variety of positions including lying on the floor, standing or kneeling. The flier may be balanced on the base’s feet, hands, shoulders, or in a variety of orientations including horizontal, vertical or even upside down.

Ballet & Pointe | KaliAndrews Dance Company | Ottawa Ballet focuses on the principles and steps on which almost all dance styles are founded. With a solid ballet foundation, dancers can transfer their skills into Jazz, Lyrical & Contemporary, Acrobatics, Aerial Arts or any other dance form they may decide to pursue. Acquiring a solid ballet foundation is crucial to becoming an outstanding dancer in any dance form.