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Don't mistake personality for character. "I tremble at the thought of being in love with a tiny part of someone and mistaking it for the whole."-- Rupi Kaur

Sometimes it's all you can give, just so happens to be the most important thing... No matter what, don't regret giving it, it's how you chose to live your life. TM

Happiness is what u allow it to be within yourself - u can only control what you can - but u can let things control u if you try to change what u can't - let it be as it is - don't waste time on things u have no power over

You know those moments when you just miss them? You go looking for a picture or maybe even a text message you forgot to delete. Just to remind yourself that at one point you did matter to them. That it wasn’t all a lie. That for even just a moment you were all they thought about.

DIY Clay Label Knobs -

Everyone needs someone who makes them feel like tomorrow is more than just another day. (Be that person for someone!)