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Powering through today and working on 2 fun new ecourses! I share lots of behind the scenes of making them in my Instagram stories today! We leave on Tuesday for Vietnam so I changed my sign board to give me a reminder that if I finish my work adventure awaits! Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to hear more about my new courses! Link in profile. Ps I finally hung up your art and it's my new favorite thing in my office!

A little sketchbookery action from our trip! Colors and patterns inspired by all the beauty in Vietnam! In my new class I'll be teaching you how to translate the inspiration around you into pieces of art! Sign up for my newsletter for all the info. Link in profile! #travellikeanartist

Took the plunge and bought a @nenaandco convertible weekender bag and it has blown me away at how beautiful functional and sturdy it is. Can't wait to take it on tons of adventures! #hoopersonholiday #acolorstory #nenaandco #handmade

#hoopersonfoot on a bridge edition!! These feet are just itching for a new summer adventure! Coming soon to an Instagram near you in 29 days!! #heckyes #acolorstory

Heading off on another adventure with my main travel squeeze plus friends! Lots of tropical sunset photos to come! Ps this full book is on the blog a few post back if you're interested! #messybox #abmcrafty #minibook #scrapbook #onmydesk #creativelifehappylife

ITS ALIVE!! I mean my new ecourse is live! If you want to learn all about how to gather inspiration from the world around you especially when you travel join me for Travel Like An Artist! We will create inspiration journals together try our hand at creating 6 different art projects and complete over 25 inspiration exercises. This class has everything I've ever learned about inspiration and then some in it. Direct link in profile! Join now and let's get to inspiration hunting…

Day 1 of my #travellikeanartist journal is done! See more about my page in my stories. #hoopershaveaholiday #hoopersonholiday #traveljournal #inspirationhunting #abmcrafty #acolorstory #creativelifehappylife #artjournalpages #mixedmediajournal #creativelifehappylife #abmcrafty #carveouttimeforart #cultivatecreativity #artjournaleveryday #artjournaling #visualjournaling #journalart #collageart #mixedmedia #artjournal

One thing I love about art is its lessons we learn that so easily apply to life. I tried something bc I didn't really have a plan and it didn't go well but thanks to the magic of gesso I covered and had a whole new surface to work on. The end of school can be so similar. Summer is like a white wash that lets us forget all the difficult parts and start fresh. I am so grateful for gesso and for summer. #creativelifehappylife #cultivatecreativity #carveouttimeforart #abmlifeiscolorful…

If you have questions and don't understand What Get Messy is @cayleegrey and I (@laurenlikesblog ) were interviewed about the basics of art journaling and GM on the Scrap Gals Podcast! We'd love it if you listened AND! You could win a free year to Get Messy! Link in our profile of search for Scrap Gals on iTunes! #scrapgalspodcast #getmessyartjournal

One of my best tips for capturing inspiration while you travel is stupid simple: keep a running note of random thoughts on your phone. Anything that is interesting funny cool beautiful makes you think twice. Write it down. Come back to it later and transfer it all into your journal. I shared 25 more actionable tip and exercises plus show you how to create an inspiration journal in my new class Travel Like An Artist. Join today via link in profile. #travellikeanartist #journal #travel…