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Why Bibi’s Speech Matters ➠ It Exposes The Iran Deal As Indefensible — And Obama's Politics As Bankrupt

Congress is threatening to strip the United Nations of funding following an anti-Israel resolution that condemns the Jewish state as an obstacle to peace i

Netanyahu assails Iran deal, touts US-Israel ties

Netanyahu: Iran nuclear deal threatens Israel's security - Yahoo News It threatens the U.S. too and we would do well to learn that the longer obama remains in the white house the greater the threat we're under.

#Netanyahu threatens #unilateral #strike against #Iran ‘in months’

Argh you are still a young nation that was in effect parachuted into an area that wasn't your to be landing in "politically" you will always have tension but fighting fire with fire wont work!!

Netanyahu: Exclusion of Women in Public Spaces Threatens Fabric of Israeli Society After female passenger refuses to sit in back of bus, prime minister calls for protection of Israel's public spaces in order to 'maintain openness and safety for all citizens.' Source on the political perspective on gender segregation in Israel

Putinden İsraile güvence: Suriye Golanda ikinci bir cephe açamaz

Benjamin Netanyahu Prophecy! For NOT ONE TERM says the Lord. Not TWO terms says the Lord. But THREE terms. And then the time of the END. And you shall see and marvel. And you shall see that I, the Lord GOD of Israel and NO MAN has done this thing. Not by your own strength or the strength of others, says the Lord. BUT BY MY HAND. I shall set you on high. And I shall set you as a WATCHMAN over my Land as a WATCHMAN over the WALLS of Jerusalem & even like King David YOUR REIGN shall be.

Netanyahu warns Iran deal could 'threaten the survival' of Israel

Netanyahu warns Iran deal could 'threaten the survival' of Israel | Fox News