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The Resin Bow Ring in Purple

If you guys didn’t sweat enough with our first “Would You Rather” quiz, you will now. Thanks to popular demand, we’re creating the Dan and Phil edition for you. But before you @ us and tell us we’re evil for making you choose, just remember that you guys asked for this. Enjoy!

Dan Howell Imagines - You Mean Something

i swear to god, every single youtuber (felix, dan, bethany, etc.) has worn a beanie and made it look awesome, but when i wear one, i somehow manage to make it look like a crap load from hell. i need serious help!

'You were supposed to do that to me'

Are we nominating those to be their new nicknames? XD

That moment when your "Evil satanic bad influence" bands are better influences then the accepted and praised pop stars

Yuurio is so cute though #Yurionice

What even was this video