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37 Funny Quotes You're Going To Love

It also took wonderful people who made a difference in our world, God Bless them.

Shit. Just... my mum, summed up, right there. Encouraged to be confident then shut down immediately and told that she's wrong.

Lmao i knew i wasnt crazy<<<wait....then what does my mum think when these happen to her "Omfg my daughter is in her room being antisocial what if I were to go in and set her on fire..."

""Elevator music" is a widely known concept, yet I've never been in an elevator that plays music "

Unnecessary Possessions

I'm not crying there's just someone stabbing my heart I will never get over this

Smart or not?

Tried this freshman year lol. Only one person tried for ulterior motives

mariahkaye-alpha: “Mo Anam Cara ♡ My Soul Friend. I believe there are several of these important people in our lives, who come into our lives when we are most ready for them. #celtic #anamcara #gaelic...