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Before carrying out the make up, sanitation of all products was key to ensure that any bacteria was removed from the surface of each product. Each brush was also thoroughly cleaned prior to work experience. Although the model did not have any skin conditions, I intend to gain more knowledge of how to carry out more of a thorough consultation to find out the models previous skin history.

I found that using pins to crimp the hair created an extremely unique style. I was really impressed as the hair became more frizzy the more the crimps was separated. This is a technique I hope to explore further, it reminds me of Mrs Lovett's hair from Tim Burton's film Sweeney Todd which is something I hope to research into during my brief due to the overall style f the film.

After watching the tutors tutorial of how to create a living dead doll it was our turn to apply skills learnt to a model. I decided to create a look with strong, exaggerated features, complimented by drastic tonal variations. I feel this worked extremely well and I am extremely pleased with the overall outcome.

Experimentation Here I've decided to experiment with heated ceramic rollers for the first time. This is a method of curing the hair that I have never attempted before. As demonstrated during class I've decided to start within the centre of the front of the hair and work my way back. I have used standard rollers before and know that by doing this it creates a lot of volume on the top of the head which is a really effective style.

Today my tutor demonstrated creating a living dead doll. This was hugely beneficial as techniques such as blocking out eyebrows were demonstrated. This is a new technique to which I have never seen before. She also showed us how to create slight tonal variations to enable the make-up to appear more realistic and 3 dimensional.

Today I completed my first work experience, Spooky Tours. This experience enabled me to gain confidence working in industry. We entered the dressing room and was told to begin setting up. We was then each presented with a model and a vague idea of what needed to be achieved. This allowed me to attempt spontaneous creative thinking and empowered me to attempt a quality standard of work under immense pressure.

Areas of improvement include time management, as I focused mainly on the make up I did not leave as much time to complete the hair and so another assistant was brought in for support. This is something I intend to improve on when commencing work experience.Overall I am really pleased with the flawless, porcelain complexion. It is extremely even, however more blending could have been done to the cheeks to give them more of a dramatic, yet realistic appeal.

We then added a wig cap to the head using bobby pins. (This wig cap covered the pin curls) we then applied the wig to the head and secured the wig with bobby pins

Today's focus was hair styles. We learnt about how to create various hairstyles including 8 figure setting, curling with straighteners, curling with various wands and using heated ceramic rollers. I am familiar with curling using wands and straighteners, however have never used geisha pins to create crimps within the hair or heated ceramic rollers before.