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Geeeettt em. Silkies are one of the most recommended birds for kids. They are less "flighty" than other birds, and can develop a close relationship with their owners if cared for and handled properly. They are often called the "puppy dogs" of the chicken world.

BUMBLEFOOT in Chickens: Causes & treatment. **WARNING: Graphic Photos**

“Bumblefoot” is the term used to describe an infection on a chicken’s foot. Bumblefoot is characterized by swelling, sometimes redness and often a characteristic black or brown scab on the bottom of the foot. Left untreated, serious cases of bumblefoot can be fatal as the infection can spread to other tissues and bones. Prevention, detection and treatment options here!

Chicken roost made out of 2x4's cut in half and rounded the edges. Also have a chain to hang up the roost during cleaning.