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Maternal anaemia can lead to low birthweight problems

Professor Michael Crawford's response to the World Bank's Nutrition initiative. He underlines the vital importance of pre-conception health.

Highlighting the importance of the mother

A digest of recent articles about nutrition and the brain

New paper from Professor Michael Crawford - Preterm delivery linked to mother’s pre-conception health

One of the aims of the Mother and Child Foundation is to prevent and relieve ill health in mothers and their children, through educating the world about the prime importance of nutrition

Diseases of Civilisation By Dr Rachel V. Gow In 1983, President Reagan in the US declared ketchup was a vegetable, more recently, lobbyists representing pizza and cheese manufacturers obtained congressional concessions that 1/8 of a cup of tomato paste on the base of a pizza was the nutritional equivalent of 1/8 of a cup of ...

food distribution - Decade of Action on Nutrition