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Our chefs are creatively trained to complement any diet and preference: gluten-free, meat lovers, vegetarian? We're here to take care of you.

Find recipes matching ingredients you already have at home. You can make specific food allergy selections in the app for: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Egg Free, Shellfish Free, and Nut Free.

Top 10 Best Christmas Gluten Free Cookie Recipes

I wonder if I’m trying to hypnotize you. With a big gluten-free cookie. Have you ever been hypnotized? Well I have. It’s not anything like it is on T.V., but it was really quite nice. You’re really rather conscious and …

242. Cheesy Meat Casserole

Cheesy Meat Casserole made with rice noodles (gluten free) by Simply Gourmet

ECI Management Group makes sticking to many diets easy. The Mediterranean Diet focuses on foods that ECI Management Group serves every day, making your diet easy to stick to.

K-12 Dining - When people think of school lunches, they often scrunch up their noses in distaste. We aim to change that perception of school lunch menus and have been providing our clients with mouth-watering meals that students truly enjoy. Here at ECI Management you won’t find any cookie-cutter menus or junk foods. Everything we prepare is made from scratch, using the freshest ingredients, tasty seasonings and surprising recipes.

College Services - ECI Management strives to provide better options to college students by offering a different approach to menu design. Our specialty deli options give students a way to “grab and go” amid hectic lifestyles, while still being healthy and affordable as compared to the cafeteria or fast food alternatives. Take a look at the one-of-a kind cafes, sub shops, coffee lounges, salad eateries and other catering services we offer that are specifically designed for our college…