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The right saying takes your crafted cooler to the next level. Get inspired by these new top 50 quotes for greek coolers! <3 BLOG LINK:

✿ 40 sweet sisterhood sayings for spring! ✿

Spring is time for new sisterhood sayings! Big/little and graduation crafts often need a special quote that expresses your loyal sisterly love. Share your feelings of closeness with a distinctive sisterhood saying on your craft, gift, or card. <3 BLOG LINK:

💕 big/little • sisterhood LOVE sayings! 💕

Express yourself with a LOVABLE saying for your big/little canvas, sign, or other craft. Adapt these quotes to your big/little, or insert your sorority name, to make them more custom. Share your sweet sisterhood affection! <3 BLOG LINK:

Inspirational & motivational quotes for new members • part 1!

Adding an inspiring quote to a note, poster, or craft is an excellent way to elevate a simple item into something special. These are some quotes for encouragement and positive thinking, which can be used for making new members feel better about their journey towards initiation. They're also nice for other chapter motivational needs. <3 BLOG LINK:

Sun and Moon Quote Canvas Painting

Sun and Moon Quote Canvas Painting by MuseArtwork on Etsy

Encouraging & empowering quotes for sisters ♥ part 3!

Enjoy another installment of inspirational sayings for sorority crafts, tees, notes, tweets, texts, decor and gifts! Add your sorority name or letters for even more customized quotes. Part three of sorority sugar positive sisterhood motivations! <3 BLOG LINK:

💕 Panhellenic friendship sayings & quotes! 💕

sometimes you need a “joint” tee shirt or craft for a friend or family member in a different sorority. join your two chapters together with greek unity slogans and quotes! <3 BLOG LINK: