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What would a four degree world look like? In November 2012, the World Bank warned that without action, nations are on track for a 4°C world. The World Bank published a report which concluded that a four degree world would be one of “unprecedented heatwaves, severe drought and major floods in many regions.” Graphics from Kirby, A. (2008) Climate in Peril, UNEP/GRID-Arendal and SMI Books, pp. 32-38. FAQ | Climate Safety Blog •

Firefighter numbers 'will need to double by 2030 as climate change bites'

Australia: Firefighter numbers 'will need to double by 2030 as climate change bites' | Climate Council's first report says more professionals will be needed to keep pace with growing population and bushfire risk [December 2013 story]

U.N. Climate Report: We Must Focus On "Decarbonization," and It Won't Wreck the Economy

IPCC, U.N. climate report: "Fundamental decarbonization" won't wreck the economy. The basic message is simple: We share a planet. Let’s start acting like it.

In less than 40 years from now the cost to the world’s biggest coastal cities from flooding is expected to have risen to $1 trillion – 0.7% of the value of the entire world economy in 2012. According to a another study, it will only take one percent of global GNP to fix the problem with climate change.

This graph gives an idea of what is required for the world to move from an energy system that could lead to six degrees of warming, to one that should give a reasonable chance of curbing warming to two degrees.

The Deadly Rise Of Sea Levels, In One Simple Infographic

Data from more than a century ago shows that ocean levels have been rising faster on East Coast and Gulf regions