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If you build love like a home instead of a rental, it will flourish and be something that lasts a lifetime

the best argument I've ever seen for making wise choices in life and the people who surround you.

"On one level, as so much twitter outrage has pointed out, these spikes symbolise the transformation of the homeless into a form of vermin. But their artistic resonance goes further than that. These spikes beautifully encapsulate the essential concerns of a society that has abandoned any pretence of social justice, fairness and equality, even to the point of refusing to ensure what ought to be the essential component of any civilised society - a home for all its citizens."

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“I need to go to IKEA, let’s make a weekend of it!” We got it bad! Our partners can confirm this quote is not an exaggeration but instead an accurate indication of how much time we’re willing to ...

My happy place is at home - funny quotes - http://jokideo.com/my-happy-place-is-at-home-funny-quotes/

Why were you on the road? Why didn't you build your own cycle lane? Why didn't you stay at home instead of cycling in the first place? Why do you own a bike? That's risky business. I need a complete abstinence from bikes, that's the only safe way not to get hit by a car.

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