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Get Ready For a Job Interview in Less Time Than a Lunch Break

One of the best ways to learn about your family's history is simply to just ask. Call a relative up and ask them questions or spend the day with your grandparents. They will love hearing from you, and you'll be surprised by all the good advice that they have to offer.

How Kate got more regal than the royals

Kate’s seemingly determined to become even more regal, admitting that her in-laws tease her for occasionally being too friendly with the public

To watch all of the films on this week’s list, you’ll need over 65 hours. Heralding the release of Lav Diaz’s monumental epic Norte, the End of History, here are 10 film giants that stretch to four hours or (way) beyond.

Johnny Depp wants to buy the site of Wounded Knee massacre and give it back to the Native Americans

Mail On Line, 11 juillet 2013 : Wounded Knee is now a National Historic Landmark but Depp thinks it should belong to the Native Americans who once lived on the land

How Kate got more regal than the royals

Kate’s early desire not to have a nanny is long dead in the water. Paid childcare is an essential for the Duchess these days — although Carole, pictured with her husband and Prince Charles at Kate and William's wedding, does help out an awful lot

Hayao Miyazaki’s top ten quarrels

"Hayao Miyazaki’s top ten quarrels" By Alex Dudok de Wit. On the surface, Hayao Miyazaki’s films seem fantastical and fun – but behind them you’ll find a man unafraid to make enemies. If you ask Miyazaki, the anime industry is going to the dogs – and the geeks are to blame. In an interview … he took a swipe at Japan’s otaku (nerdy types), arguing that they make poor animators because they spend too much time watching anime instead of observing real people.