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These pictures of unborn animals are amazing. They’re in the womb or, in some cases, still in the egg. But to see them like this is so unique and magnificent. While these are not exactly photographs, they’re extremely accurate depictions of what these...

Thailand One of the most amazing experiences of my life was riding an elephant for several hours through bamboo forests in Thailand. Very zen....

Sometimes elephant calves can die during their training for tourist attractions as they are ‘broken-in’ by their captors. They have been known to be beaten, tied up, starved, tortured and to be living in severely confined spaces.

"Good Morning !" A Baby Elephant this morning at Sabi Sabi, it was smelling the air but it almost looked like the Elephant was saying hello!: Babyelephants, Babies, Elephants ️, Baby Elephants, Animals Elephants, Elephant, Andrew Schoeman, Good Mo

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