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23 Times Miranda Proved She Was The Most Empowering Character On "Sex And The City"

I always feel like I have to turn in my woman card whenever I hear someone go: "SATC was, like, the best show EVARRR". The only one I sorta liked from that bunch was Miranda, and sometimes Samantha. Mostly, they reminded me of my idiot boy-obsessed classmates from middle school.

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Attitude | Quotes And Pictures - Inspirational, Motivational, Success, Friendship, Positive Thinking, Attitude, Trust | Inspirational Quotes - Pictures - Motivational Thoughts|Quotes and Pictures - Beautiful Thoughts, Inspirational, Motivational, Success

You Is Kind, You Is Smart, And You Is Important! Tell that to your children and even to the kids you babysit, especially because they may not be getting the love that they need. Just a sentence like this could change their life forever.

When Education Is More Important Than Anything Else

Hello today. Today we will give the ideas about online nursing degrees course and Nursing duties, responsibilities and career options. The registered nurses are required to complete their minimum education and obtain license to work in nursing capacity.