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False pregnancy or hysterical pregnancy, most commonly termed pseudocyesis in humans and pseudopregnancy in other mammals, is the appearance of clinical and/or sub-clinical signs and symptoms associated with pregnancy when the organism is not actually pregnant. Is this a sign which showcases the power of the maternal instinct or a physical sign of mental instability? I don't know. #pregnant

Tita accepts John's proposal - Ironic because Tita accepted the marriage of a man she didn't truly love, the exact same thing she scorned Rosaura for

Rosaura decides that Esperanza will take care of Rosaura until she dies and will be forbidden from being wed - this angers Tita greatly

Mum tells: Why I felt guilty after miscarriage

Fertility treatments are most likely to benefit women whose infertility is due to problems with ovulation. Treatment is least likely to benefit infertility caused by damage to the fallopian tubes or severe endometriosis.

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