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" . . . they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?"

I decided that this week I needed to lighten up.  Here's Yrsa, doing hilarious posts about the exhilarating awfulness of Eurovision, and I'm...

Peter Paul Rubens, Fall of Icarus (1638) This image shows Icarus as he's falling with his father watching, unable to help. This work shows that Ovid's story telling moved not only from literature and traditional oral storytelling but into Renaissance art as well. Art that is now on display in museums around the world, such as this piece which is only display in Belgium.

Season's Eatings

The beautiful Sebastopol goose, named after the Russian city from which it was imported, is identified by its long, curled feathers and bright blue eyes. At about 13 pounds when mature, the goose has darker, richer meat than a turkey.

I wonder what he's thinking as he sneaks a peek at me. I am not arrayed in splendor as he's been blessed to be. Perhaps he's looking for a meal, for the babies I can't see, or just amazed in wonder, why I look like me. But he is blessed by the hand of God for all the world to see. RRivers RN

THE FLIGHT OF ICARUS: ORIGIN: Icarus and his father constructed wings of wax and feathers to fly away and escape from the island they were trapped on. When they began to fly Icarus got caught up in the glory of flight and continued to ascend higher. He flew so high that the wax on his wings began to melt, causing him to fall to his death. EXPLANATION: When something is compared to the Flight of Icarus, it is inferred that it reached a dangerous point in its success and ended up failing.