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Thanksgiving Math Place Value Mystery Pictures-(Common Core Aligned!)

Thanksgiving Place Value Mystery Puzzles-I am always looking for activities to help me teach my 2nd graders about place value. These place value mystery pictures can be used in a math center or as a whole class activity. Students identify the numbers using: base 10 blocks, expanded form (i.e. 60+4) and word form i.e. (6 tens and 4 ones).

Number Puzzles for Math Stations

My students love these number puzzles. They are a great way to practice different strategies for adding and subtracting two-digit and three-digit numbers. They help students play with decomposing numbers to build addition and subtraction math strategies for second grade.

Thanksgiving Math and Literacy Printables- No Prep (Common Core Aligned)

Counting Coins Task Cards

Counting Coins Task Cards- These task cards are a fun activity that your first graders can do to learn about counting money. The kids record the value of the coins that they count on a worksheet (can be graded for an assessment). You can use these in a math center or as a whole class money lesson.

5 Math Games Every Classroom Needs to Play

If you're not making time for math games, your students are missing out! Check out these 5 math games every classroom needs to play!

My 7th grade math teacher had this exact sign when she taught us. I can never solve these equations without seeing it in my head...even 8 years later!

Use Basic Facts to Solve These Dominoes Math Puzzles!

Looking for a fun and easy-to-use math center for practicing addition facts, multiplication facts, or decimal multiplication? Check out these dominoes math puzzles at!