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Week 29 - "Fire Ants" were pushing the envelope trying to win it all as the 2nd half of trivia was coming to a close!

Week 3 - The "B-team" has perpetually fallen into 3rd place over the past few weeks. It was their goal to dominate during the 2nd half of trivia night!

Week 23 - 9 Teams + Great Pizza + Cold Beer = one fantastic night of trivia! June 12th's trivia night might have been hot and muggy, but that didn't stop people from coming to play the best trivia in the city!

Wildcard Night - Robbie of "I drink diet coke" was haggling the host about no facebook check-ins for bonus points. Host, Courtney, had eliminated that feature for the finals.

Week 39 - "Turd Rangers" were hoping for a 1st place victory this week, and had to kick it into high gear during the "speed round."

Week 27 - "I Don't Know" was hanging in there during the 2nd half of trivia!

Week 19 - Tara, Chad's girlfriend, brought everyone on the team some fancy cupcakes! Needless to say, everyone was ready to dig in!

Week 24 - The "B-Team" may not have maintained the lead at the half, but they were gunning for a 1st place victory! They looked to host, Courtney, for some clues during the 2nd half!

Week 18 - The "B-Team" was getting fired up during the first half! They can often smell a victory coming from a mile away!

Week 15 - Maybe it was beginner's luck, but "Deep Fried Hippies" went home with the gold medal on April 17th!

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