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"My mum is from Trinidad and Tobago and my dad is Australian. My mum came over here to have me, so that I could be near my father. I have never known why, and never been interested in why, my parents broke up. I imagine it would change my relationship with my dad. In general, when I think of relationships, it's usually the guy that does something bad."

"She came to dinner with my housemate. My housemate said to her friend, 'do not hit on my housemate. She is really conservative. You guys will not get on, so do not even bother.' Her friend said, 'challenge accepted.' I was already thinking that this girl was pretty cool and planned on asking for her number before she left anyway. We both are nerds, we like video games. I knew six weeks in that she was going to be the one. We were engaged four and a half months later."

"We bumped into each other at party for a mutual friend. His dreadlocks initially attracted me." "I thought she looked exotic and cute." "I was living in Sydney at the time so we did the long distance relationship for six months, until I moved to Perth. We have always been open and truthful with each other. I don't have a filter and it gets me into trouble." "But we always resolve it."

"I heard on the radio that the number one regret for men is not making a move on a girl they liked. The number one regret for women is, in hindsight, they should have never dated the guy who gave them the initial attention. My regret is I should have made a move on a woman I liked many years ago."

"What would you do if you had one year to live?" [Right] "I would move to the Bahamas to fish. My dad taught me how to fish." [Left] "Pretty much what I'm doing now. My partner and I enjoy each other's company by going four wheeling to isolated areas."

"I’m from Tanzania and he’s from South Africa. He was my manager in a previous company. We left that job, went our separate ways, but remained friends. He's a genuine guy, honest, what you see is what you get." "Same with him. He bring lots of energy and positivity."

"People have a life span and they die. It took my sister 3 years to die an agonising death. She died of bowel cancer at the age of sixty-two. Lucky, she was able to go to France for a month with some family. My dad died in his sleep a couple years back and that seems like a pretty good way to go."

"Each heart tattoo is a little memento to remind me of the good times of that relationship rather than focussing on the end."

"I don't like needles; not even a mosquito. My dad was a heroin addict."

"I grew up in a bunch of camps in York. Balladong is my clan. It was pretty harsh, no running water or electricity. We had water, but we had to cart it from the tap down the road. My Dad didn't make a lot of money working on farms, but it was enough to survive. I did enjoy my childhood, even though we had curfews. We had to be back in our native reserve by 6pm. That was enforced by the government. Aboriginal people didn't become citizens until 1967. Before that, we were classified as…