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Pope & Young has updated its "Bowhunting Records of North American Whitetail Deer" to include the most recent records approved and installed by the club.

194 inch Pope and Young Mule Deer Got mule deer hunts? We do. http://gotHUNTS.com

The first two Pope & Young class bucks I shot went straight from my truck bed to the taxidermist. And of course those shoulder mounts went right on the wall. Of course, I was younger, single, and gainfully employed as a teacher back then. Having a pair of decent-sized heads in my house didn't offend my sensibilities or hurt my wallet one bit.

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"Baking soda, the same stuff that deodorizes the fridge, is the key to my scent-control system," says Wisconsin's Tom VanDoorn, who's taken more than a dozen Pope and Young bucks. Here's his routine: Take a soda shower. "The stuff can rub your skin raw if you use it straight," cautions VanDoorn. "So mix a few tablespoons with some liquid no-scent soap. When I used to shower with straight unscented soap, I could always smell a little odor when I was finished. I can't smell a thing when I mix…

Pope & Young Enters King Buck Controversy

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