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A team of British cryptologists broke a German code (known as the Enigma key) on July 9, 1941 during World War II. We look at famed codebreakers throughout history.

Royal Navy officer who got Enigma machine from German U-Boat has died

Royal Navy officer who got Enigma machine from German U-Boat has died #DailyMail

ALAN TURING: ENIGMA ~ Book that was adapted into the movie THE IMITATION GAME (2014) starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing.

Diana Neale nee Spence, aged 20, at Woburn Abbey, 1943, where she was billetted. "I was called up into the WRNs at the beginning of 1943. Then I had two weeks of training at a centre in London, and was then sent to work at Bletchley Park...In Hut 4, we worked with brilliant linguists from Oxford and Cambridge. When we received the german messages which had been decoded, they translated them from German into English, and then sent these to typists be typed up."

The death, aged 93, of Captain 'Raymond 'Jerry' Roberts, on this day 26th March, 2014. He was the last surviving member of the small Bletchley Park team of cryptographers who broke the Nazi top secret code. Historians believe that the Bletchley Park code breakers may have saved hundred of thousands of lives, shortened the 2WW by between two and four years and that the outcome of the war itself would have been uncertain without the code breakers work