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Hemp: In Colonial times, hemp production, was a requirement. Numerous products are NOW made from imported hemp which can be grown on marginal land not needed for food production, including nutritional supplements and car parts. One of the best new uses in construction: Hempcrete is used like concrete, but unlike concrete, hempcrete is carbon neutral.

Sens. McConnell, Paul join forces to legalize hemp | The Daily Caller - In colonial times, land holders were required to grow hemp as it was used to produce variety of important products. Now t turns out a concrete like material known as hempcrete is a very sustainable product for building construction... so hopefully builders who want to use the product will be able to source it locally instead of importing it.

Tradical Hempcrete, a concrete-like substance made from hemp and lime, is used in two Asheville, North Carolina, homes.

Low carbon building pioneers compete in Ashden Awards - "Hemcrete Projects is bringing the dream of zero carbon buildings closer to reality with its mess-free, speedily installed, sustainable building panels made with hempcrete. 'Hembuild' panels not only offer great thermal properties and the ability to stabilise humidity, but are made-to-measure off site, and slotted together like a jigsaw puzzle to form the building’s walls at building sites later."