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The history of British slave ownership has been buried: now its scale can be revealed

The history of British slave ownership has been buried and concealed, but it is there... A print shows African captives being taken on board a slave ship.

---------- Paying With 'Kisses' as Brazil’s social currencies spread ----------- Banco Bern was founded in 2005 by an association of seamstresses who decided to lend their profits to a group of furniture makers to start their own collective. Now the bank and over a hundred other micro-finance banks in Brazil, are helping to transform the lives and communities of 100's of people.

Paying with 'kisses' as Brazil’s social currencies spread

A Socially Responsible Brazilian Investment Opportunity Brazil has a shortage of 7 million homes. The government’s Minha Casa, Minha Vida social housing program was created to reduce this deficit. You can benefit from investing securely and profitably into a fully licensed development. Entry level from 10,000GBP Fixed exit in 2 years Capital returned plus 28% fixed premium The development is fully licensed Development completion underwritten by the Brazilian government’s state bank

Paying with 'kisses' as Brazil’s social currencies spread

Azealia Banks Brazil - Offensive Comments Azealia Banks started 2017 by making an offensive comment about Brazil. In a Facebook message she explains that she didn't know they had Internet in the favela. A favela is a slum within Brazil's urban areas. Azealia is determined to stay in the news. On Thursday December 30 she posted an Instagram video showing a closet where she has been sacrificing chickens. This is not the first time Azealia Banks has forced her way into the news with…

Metro Loans, which is a reputed online credit lender in the huge marketplace of the UK, is coming up with another exciting deal, which is known as short term loans online. These loans are provided on a simple online application procedure where no paper work is required and cash will be transferred to the bank account of the borrower on immediate basis. However, we take few minutes to examine their details but disburse the funds on the same day of application. At Metro Loans, we are…