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Staggering $24m cash found hidden in 'secret room' in Miami drug raid

Lawyers for Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez insist that he hid the money only because banks wouldn’t take his cash.

Fragrance Temptations in Laundry

Photographer takes chilling images of Chicago's drug addicted homeless

The 'cooking' tools of a heroin addict - American photographer Chuck Jines has been chronicling the lives of heroin addicts in his hometown of Chicago. Cheap Mexican heroin has led to more people becoming addicted

That day, Red got a little to rough. I ended up in the hospital with glass embed in my skin and Red in the police station. I don't know what would have happened if Dr. Shaun hadn't swooped in to save her and Stevie been there to save me.

Breathing fast, Sarah looked behind her at the bullet holes in the wall. If Cass had been one second slower...