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90,000 Colorful Plastic Ball Installation Inspired by Monet

This installation, consisting of 90,000 colorful plastic balls, an #architectural pop art tribute to Monet - the #installation, titled Pergola, boasts an eye-catching visual swirl of blues, reds, and purples to add an alternative liveliness to the viridescent garden and urban landscape.

Irish Landscape Irish Landscape painting Irish Art I like the soft, atmospheric effect and the color scheme, with a pop of red and yellow, with blues, green, and yellow. Again, not a fan of the purple. Do appreciate the steel-grey stone.

What Type of Hydrangea is This? A Handy Care Guide

Hydrangeas are one of the most beloved plants in our gardens and for good reason—they are gorgeous. Many gardeners have questions about pruning, colour changes (pink or blue), basic care, transplanting, and how to get stubborn ones to bloom. This simple guide describes the 6 basic types of hydrangeas, so you can know which ones you are growing and how to best care for them.

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Shimmering Purple Sunset ♥ ♥ www.paintingyouwi... #amazing #beautiful pictures

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