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So true I've loved horses ever since I remember and I ask my mom constantly for riding lessons (which I know I'm not going to get)so I can just be around horses

. The girl pulled on my arm as if she wanted me to follow. The underground tunnel was absolutely cold. I lick my dry lips before I follow, wondering what await at the end of the tunnel. "Where are we going?" I ask but she didn't answer. After we turn she replied. "Daisy" she says and shock spread across my face. In a prison this big how could a little girl know who I was looking for. Why was a little girl here in the prison? "You know who daisy is?" I ask the little girl. She nods, pointing…

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Never Underestimate - Maga with grandkids - #gift tags #bestfriend gift. HURRY => https://www.sunfrog.com/Funny/Never-Underestimate--Maga-with-grandkids.html?68278

Never underestimate the power of being connected to others on the path who get you, who make up y...

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