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Israel divorce law traps women in marriages that died long ago

An Israeli religious court has final say over divorce cases, and men have used the archaic rules to their advantage.

"The Myth of the Perfect Parent" by Leslie Leyland Fields, author of Parenting is Your Highest Calling and Eight Other Myths That Trap Us in Worry and Guilt

Ruby Hamad -- "Shields is railing against the Western beauty ideal... However, Shields, who can only witness Muslim culture through her own Western lens, falls into the trap of romanticising the “modesty” of Muslim women for whom covering themselves is itself a religious requirement."

Help With Payday Loan Debt8:32 AM (edited) - Public Help is now available in all 50 states for out of control payday loan debt! Have you been caught in the payday loan trap? Give us a shout!

Ted Cruz is delusional, dangerous and power hungry. He stated "the overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats, however, the authors from the report he's referencing also say "that doesn't mean criminality is associated with partisanship."

Stories written by Matthew Yeomans

Writing for Salon on Colombian oil conflicts and football (not the same article...though that would be interesting)

NY: Submit comments by December 8 re deer slaughter.. Please share widely. EMERGENCY! This is our last chance to save our deer and all N.Y.S. wildlife under the D.E.C.s control!

Inside the Italian asylums known as Manicomio abandoned in 1978 by law