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The PLC is outputting to a coil, to quickly see if energy is making it all the way from PLC to coil (solenoid) use a Bartol Mag-Probe to quickly see magnetic field. Innovative Mag-Probe saves downtime!

BlogBartol The Mag-Probe is an inexpensive, quicker way to test coils in solenoids and relays.

Thought it would fi White T-Shirt

#Christmas gift idea, "Thought it would fit" T shirt. $22

Company able to do large scale monitoring for sounds of gunshots. Will it be picking up your conversations?

New super Batteries could be charged in seconds

Scientists creat...

World’s largest Solar Power Plant unveiled in India

Worlds Largest Solar Power Plant Unveiled In India.......

Robot Grip Robotic exoskeleton suits are a long-desired object from science fiction, but such suits are expensive and complicated. Luckily, NASA and GM got together to refine a similar technology for just one human arm. The Robo-Grip attaches to a worker's arm and uses a combination of internal sensors and motors to apply grip and force beyond a typical human level. This invention will make work quicker, easier, and it should also reduce repetitive stress injuries.