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ok imma go shower now

King George V dies. His son, David, ascends the throne as King Edward VIII, but causes a constitutional crisis with his determination to marry Wallis Simpson. When King Edward VIII abdicates to marry Mrs. Simpson, younger brother Prince Albert, Duke of York accedes as King George VI, the king with the stammer depicted in the movie The King's Speech.

Buckingham Palace, London: It is said that the rear terrace is haunted by an monk in a brown cowl. He is believed to be the spirit of a monk who died in a punishment cell from a time when a monastery stood on the site. Another ghost that has been reported is that of Major John Gwynne, King Edward VII’s private secretary. After his divorce from his wife, the Major was shunned by upper society. Unable to cope with a life of shame, he ended his life in his first floor office, shooting himself…